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27th Jan - All my 50MHz antennas are still in hibernation for the winter. Just active on QO-100 and LF bands for the moment;-)

6th 6m Antennas still on the ground and 80mph winds forecast for this weekend. But always something to work: C21MB on 144MHz EME this morning followed by BG0AUB and 9V1HV on QO-100

Still being restricted by strong winds and now of course Covid-19.
8th Checked out the EME array and worked 4O6AH and UT7UV.
Several days with quite good Es across EU - 2020 countries worked rising rapidly.

Good Es across EU continues.
2nd EME time - worked JA7QVI and HB9Q (new init on 6m)
3rd more EME - Nodir EY8MM for DXCC #91 off the moon. Nodir is running single 7el with elev and 1k from his rural contest location and has a good signal. Also worked two new inits: K8CX and YL2GD - both new to 6m EME:-)
4th two more 50MHz EME Initials - I4YRW and JM1OAX plus another attempt with Bint YB2MDU - fingers crossed for the 5th:-)
5th three more 50MHz EME Initials YL2AO, S50A and DL8YR
6th YES! YB2MDU 50MHz EME for DXCC # 92 off the moon:-)
12th Serious Es across EU and down to EA8 and CT3
13th VERY early in the season opening to TZ4AM and TT8SN
25th - first day of serious multi-hop Es across EU
28th - first opening to NA nothing worked but spots from W7JW and VA3MW around 15:45z
30th - Mid-afternoon narrow opening to NA - WU1ITU worked. Lots of flags on the map down to D4 and then the official opening of the season: OY, EA8 CT3, CU, PZ5, FG (x2!), KP4 and J69. Missed PY and 9Y. Carib and SA being worked in GM and GI - My 2020 50MHz country total raised to 51:-)

May - as the Es season kicks in I will not be reporting fully here - just highlights
1st My 2020 50MHz country total raised to 58:-)
3rd New 50MHz EME initial with Mitsuru san JA9SJI in Toyama Japan. He sent me an email and reminded me that it was exactly 40 years since I worked him as H44PT when I was living in Solomon Islands - how time flies!
11th The start of the multi-hop Es season with long openings to mid-east from EU and from there to JA. TT8, TR8 and evening HK all of Carib. HERE? very little even though other F ON PAs Gs and EIs had good openings to all of these. Thus confirming that if the Force isn't with you then....
12th Day starting well with UR5LAK into VK4 0515 - 0530!! Good morning opening to TT8 and TR8 but the day did not develop into a general opening to the west.
13th Big evening opening Med - Carib but dead here.
14th our turn for the Carib - 8P, 9Y, FG, VP2E, KP4, KP2, YV, and HK - around 5 hours until I gave up at 21:30z
18th Middle East in pretty much all day with multi hop BV worked in Eastern England and briefly heard here. 6W called me with my beam to East - but that was the sole signal from Africa here. Brief evening opening to NA and Carib - much larger south of here. My 2020 50MHz country total raised to 85:-)
19th Not QRV in the morning but a busy afternoon / evening mainly to the East. Only a light evening opening to the Carib. G to PZ briefly.
20th Not QRV early morning but a busy late morning / afternoon / evening mainly to the East. Only a light evening opening to the Carib and NA.
21st As above + stronger late morning opening to TT8. (Worked E2STAYHOME in Bangkok on QO-100 for a new DXCC)
23rd High wind so ants locked down - but good openings to JA then NA early evening and PY late evening.
24th Quite a day! a few JAs, VR2 and BV Taiwan heard plus XV1X ! 9M2TO, 4S7 and several BYs worked. Opened to NA whilst still open to China. The evening was disapointing here with weak Carib / S America (loud elsewhere in UK  My 2020 50MHz country total reached 100 !! :-)
25th Es everywhere - nothing new - still waiting for BV and XV1 (heard briefly).
26th Es everywhere - still waiting for BV and XV1 (heard briefly) strong focus on PV8 in the evening.
27th Es everywhere - except in IO70 - we were on the edge
28th The first decent evening NA opening of the season - 60 FT8 QSOs - no signs on CW/SSB:-( Geographically very limited FN FM EL EM. 4U1UN was around (100w vertical) in FN30 but on wrong period.
29th Great 50Mhz Es and Spectacular 144MHz Es + Tropo making it the best day in decades for some - D4VHF load all day! Generator issues kept me off air in the evening:-(  My monitor vertical at home was spill hearing FG KP4 etc after midnight and was hearing EU all night!!!.
31st A walk, a swim, then VR2 Hong Kong and a whole load of stuff to the East. USA in before mid day on a real northern path and stayed that way until around 21:00z 100+ NA contacts including dozens of mid-west / west coast CM, CN, CO and from VE7 to XE. AND Bo finally got his reward with a good opening to EU Greenland OX3LX in the log for many including me:-) [Oh, and the Carib was there also and out to Nicaragua]

June - I will not be reporting fully for June - too much info! - just highlights
1st June started as May ended! A couple of BV, JR6s, VR2 and many BYs. An early start to the west on a somewhat northern path again. Many West Coast and a few new squares - faded by 9pm so an early night.








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