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Unfortunately the American company that has provided the G8BCG Online Guestbook since 1996 ceased trading in February 2010. This is the archive of the previous guestbook comments.. The new Guestbook is here.

Name: PAOLO IZ8FDH (Homepage)
Country: ITALY Date: Sat Jun 13 21:05:15 2009
Comment: TNX for qso and congratulation for the DXCC on the "magic Band"
73 de Paolo IZ8FDH

Name: Ken
Country: England Date: Thu Oct 30 21:40:10 2008
Comment: Hi Pete - nice site - cu soon - somewhere.

Name: Owen Wormser (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Jun 2 15:53:35 2008
Comment: TNX for contact. K3CB

Name: Peter Bentley
Country: Isle of Wight Date: Tue Oct 23 22:03:58 2007
Comment: I like your Website Peter, very interesting.
Catch you on 6 again soon

Best wishes

Peter B g4BIM

Name: roy
Country: usa Date: Mon Aug 21 02:25:21 2006

Name: Dave JohnsonG0IES(g8iyw)
Country: Date: Wed May 3 22:08:26 2006
Comment: Hi Pete just got on the internet having a look round.Like the new shack, a bit different to the old days 73 for now Dave g0ies

Name: stewart
Country: ENGLAND Date: Tue Jul 5 22:09:10 2005
Comment: Interesting 6m related web site

Name: Marcin sp7buz
Country: Poland Date: Sat Jun 11 16:06:07 2005
Comment: Congrats Peter nice signal GL 73

Name: Mario
Country: USA Date: Thu May 19 10:31:17 2005
Comment: Great operation ,well done congrats.

Name: Marko oh3xr (Homepage)
Country: Finland Date: Tue May 17 18:18:03 2005
Comment: nice web page,enjoyed a lot 6m audio recordings.. tnx!

73 marko oh3xr

Country: Japan/Malaysia Date: Wed Aug 18 06:02:15 2004
Comment: Hello Peter
Wondeful Audio files


Name: Rob Seaton
Country: Australia Date: Wed Aug 13 12:32:20 2003
Comment: Awsome site. Thanks for the 'real' sound archive. Keep up the great work!

Name: Neil G0JHC
Country: Date: Sat Jun 14 18:01:42 2003
Comment: Peter, great to hear the "JHC French", I'd not realised how good I was. You've got to find me in German and Spanish next.
FYD laugh's ..until I break the pile. He laugh's more when the DX launches into a 3 minute over in their mother tongue, when all I did was say "sinko sinko, Cambio"...
I won't tell you how many times Ian has tried to work me when I go "multi-lingual" :-))))

Name: Alain ON4KST (Homepage)
Country: Belgium Date: Sat Jun 14 17:48:10 2003
Comment: It is always interesting to hear what happens at other QTHs. Thanks for your "real time" comments on our chat.

Name: Ian McCabe
Country: United Kingdom Date: Sat Jun 14 17:03:12 2003
Comment: Great Audio files...

Name: Ian McCabe
Country: United Kingdom Date: Sat Jun 14 16:57:35 2003
Comment: Great Audio files Peter...also gave me a few laughs like JHC's french.

Name: John Gray (Homepage)
Country: Isle of Lewis Date: Fri Jun 13 23:03:31 2003
Comment: Very good recording of V25XX from 12 June 2003, Excellent, will download a few more for a bit of easy listening. :-) Thanks again.

Name: Peter G3IBI
Country: UK Date: Fri Jun 13 21:55:22 2003
Comment: Peter - Thanks for the audio file for V25XX and for recording my qso.Its interesting to listen to my audio. Running 100w to a 6 el @ 45ft
73 de Peter G3IBI

Name: Patrick / F6IRF
Country: France Date: Fri Jun 13 19:30:16 2003
Comment: Nice job Peter... A great site, for a great DX'er... Cu soon on the bands. Patrick

Name: Tonny ON1DNF
Country: Belgium Date: Fri Jun 13 15:30:31 2003
Comment: Great audiofiles ! Nice to hear what I only can dream of , anyway ,even here "6" is still fun !
CU on the chat ...

Name: Kev (Homepage)
Country: England Date: Fri Jun 13 15:21:07 2003
Comment: was able to hear from your sound files for 12th June the dx I couldn't hear/work ;-) Lucky you !!!

Name: Simon (Homepage)
Country: Scotland Date: Fri Jun 13 14:58:49 2003
Comment: did want u feeling lonely! nice sound clips and good pages! CU on the magic (sometimes!) band!

Name: Andy - G7FWE
Country: England Date: Fri Jun 13 14:55:21 2003
Comment: Great to have so many large audio files to listen to - especially when bored at work ;-)
It's encouraged me to get portable and will be out over the next 2 weekends trying to bag some DX too! Keep it up Peter! 73's.

Name: dana laurie
Country: usa Date: Sat Mar 15 04:11:01 2003
Comment: great website ,i found some good information thanks. kb2wtb

Name: david hamilton (Homepage)
Country: scotland Date: Thu Feb 27 16:58:59 2003
Comment: hi great web page and information.. regards.. david

Name: Josef (Homepage)
Country: Switzerland Date: Tue Nov 19 19:28:27 2002
Comment: Hello Peter
Thank you very much for the QSO on SIX today
(Leonids). I hope you had some good contacts.
Now I wish you all the best and good DX in future.
Best regards Josef, HB9TKS

Name: 27 IDX 106 - Odinn (Homepage)
Country: ICELAND Date: Sun Sep 8 05:12:27 2002
Comment: Very good webpage you have here, and best greetings to all your visitors.

You Are also --> WELCOME <-- To Visit My Webpage as well Have BIG fun...

Name: zs6xt
Country: Rep. of S.A. Date: Tue Apr 2 20:36:16 2002
Comment: very interesting to look at your web page after our qso on 31.03.2002.

Name: Steve Beesley (Homepage)
Country: Hong Kong Date: Tue Mar 12 07:45:10 2002
Comment: Peter,

Nice website, feel free to browse around mine also at www.qsl.net/vr2xmq/ Hope to see you on the magic band

Name: Daniel
Country: Wales Date: Sat Feb 2 17:40:03 2002
Comment: Excellent web site peter, looks like you got a good set up, hope to hear you on the air soon.
73's Good luck.

Name: Tony
Country: Barbados Date: Tue Dec 18 20:40:18 2001
Comment: Attractive site Peter, pleased to see my QSL card in the gallery. Only worked 61 countries on six from here so far (18/12/01) so some catching up to do, hi. Keep up the good work es 73 from the tropics.

Name: Les, G4DBX
Country: England Date: Sun Dec 16 11:40:45 2001
Comment: Long time no see, I think it was back in the late seventies we last worked, when you were out in H44 land. A great site Pete.

73's, Les.

Name: Rusty Hack
Country: usa Date: Mon Jul 30 07:04:40 2001
Comment: nice to work you on six meters this evening
Rusty nm1k@arrl.net

Name: Lefty Clement, K1TOL
Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 29 19:45:36 2001
Comment: You always do extremely well nto States, but I've never heard you yet!
Conditions must have been marginal to K1/VE9 today then. GL!

Name: Wayne R. Lewis
Country: usa Date: Sun Jul 29 17:43:30 2001
Comment: Thanks for the contact and hope to see my card
on your page one day soon.I am a very active 6 meter operator also. The challenge"love it"
and good dxing,
Wayne W4WRL FM04CE

Name: Chuck -W3TC
Country: U.S.A. Date: Tue Jul 24 02:21:34 2001
Comment: Dear Peter, It was a pleasure to have a qso with you on 7/22/01. It was even a greater thill to hear myself on the other side. 73's Chuck

Name: Kerry Rochester
Country: England Date: Mon Jul 23 15:38:11 2001
Comment: Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner that I love London Town..

Name: Peter (Homepage)
Country: UK Date: Fri Jul 6 22:02:39 2001
Comment: Interesting site Peter.


Name: Shintaro Kuroda (Homepage)
Country: JAPAN Date: Fri May 4 08:12:54 2001
Comment: Your web site very nice!
Please Signing my Guestbook.
BBS URL: http://www80.tcup.com/8011/taro.html
All the best to you.

Name: dana l
Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 9 22:46:37 2001

Name: S.Kuroda (Homepage)
Country: Japan Date: Wed Mar 21 09:36:41 2001
Comment: Greetings from JA2KPR
Please Sign my Guestbook.

Name: Jari Peltonen (Homepage)
Country: FINLAND Date: Sun Feb 25 08:45:18 2001
Comment: Hi,
Greetings from Finland.

Country: Date: Fri Dec 15 19:16:27 2000
Comment: just testing my 25 wtts to vertical

Name: Bill
Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 27 21:41:25 2000
Comment: Peter OM:

Good to visit your webpage, hear and see some of your contacts. As a 50 mhz op, I too enjoy the most unusual band that some say lacks character. All I can say is that it is a band unto itself and a real teaser for the ops that use it.

Hope to work you sometime on "The Magic Band"



Name: Roland Parkinson
Country: England Date: Tue Nov 7 17:15:13 2000
Comment: Hi Peter, Greetings from Sale Cheshire. It is many many years since we were members of the North West VHF Group in Manchester. So pleased to know you are still involved in AR. Have occasional reports from Bill G3SMM on your activities.DX here is mainly HF. GD luck to you & yours. 73. Roland G3FNM

Name: Roland Parkinson
Country: Date: Tue Nov 7 17:08:42 2000

Name: Roland Parkinson
Country: Date: Tue Nov 7 17:07:57 2000

Name: Shintaro Kuroda (Homepage)
Country: Japan Date: Sun Sep 10 22:09:49 2000
Comment: Hello Peter,Cornwall,I'm so pleased to hear from you! I would be very happy if you could be my pen
pal.Well,I'll write you again.
73 de JA2KPR

Name: Tony White
Country: Barbados Date: Sun Jul 30 21:58:43 2000
Comment: Nice site, Peter. Pleased to have worked you on six, QSL card received hope you've had mine. You have done quite a bit of travelling, I like it too, 53 countries visited so far. All the best
de Tony 8P9HW (G4IOQ)

Country: ENGLAND Date: Mon Jul 24 15:43:14 2000

Name: Tony White
Country: Barbados Date: Tue Jun 27 22:08:30 2000
Comment: Nice to wk U on 6m Peter, 73 de Tony 8P9HW (G4IOQ) Ex 9M2WA.

Name: ivor/miajw
Country: england Date: Sat May 27 21:25:32 2000
Comment: hi peter.
this is ivor m1ajw in plymouth.very nice web page.catch you on six. all the best m1ajw ivor.

Name: Steve Fox
Country: Date: Tue May 2 13:45:32 2000
Comment: You've seen a few places since Dial House Pete! I used to speak to you in the 70's when I lived in Wigan. (G8GAH) I live near Nottingham now, still with BT! 73's Steve (G4FAB)

Name: Tony G4CBW
Country: Date: Sat Apr 29 08:58:50 2000
Comment: I Finally made it to your Homepage. Nice dx, bet you can't do that from the UK.

73's tony

Name: kd7ctm Mike Day
Country: USA Missoula,Mt Date: Sat Apr 8 23:10:39 2000
Comment: Peter thank you for the contact. 4-1-2000, 02:08 UVT. On 28.428.400 mhz. Your signal was Q-5 5 by 5. You are my first contact in the solomon islands. I hope to talk to you again.

Name: Rob Whittenburg
Country: UTAH Date: Sat Apr 8 05:18:54 2000
Comment: I just learned that this your last day in Guadalcanal. Too bad! I would have very much enjoyed a 6 meter QSO with you from PJ28. 73's DU9/KD7WH

Name: Rob Whittenburg
Country: Utah, USA Date: Sat Apr 8 05:10:55 2000
Comment: Thanks for the quick QSO on 08Apr00 at 0401UTC. Peter, please look for me on 50.110 MHz or thereabout from PJ28, Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao on Easter weekend through about 03May00.......73's Rob, KD7WH

Name: A.Walsh (Homepage)
Country: Australia Date: Thu Mar 23 08:21:10 2000
Comment: just passing through will have better look later .
Thank You VK2TBW

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