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A nice new year break in EA8 followed by a couple of weeks building my new 48el 144MHz LFA array. See my Facebook feed for pictures.
31st First 50MHz EME contact of the year with JA7QVI. Ready and waiting for 3G0Z

1st Time to test my 48el 144MHz array - some issues with RF in az/el position encoders - can't move array on TX or it gets out of sync with controller ( I discovered later!). New EME Initials with R7LP, TA2NC (new DXCC) and DM5TI
3rd 2 new 144MHz Initials K6MYC and ON4KHG
2000 UTC 3 February 2018
During the last 72 hours we continued to experience the high winds, low clouds, fog, and rough seas that have prevented helicopter operations since our arrival at Bouvet. No improvement was predicted in the weather forecast for the next four days. Then, last night an issue developed in one of the ship’s engines. This morning the captain of the vessel declared it unsafe to continue with our project and aborted the expedition. We are now on our long voyage back to Punta Arenas. As you might imagine the team is deeply disappointed, but safe. There is already talk about rescheduling the DXpedition.
Bob – K4UEE
Ralph – K0IR
Erling – LA6VM

On their way home but only making 5MPH. KEEP SAFE GUYS - THERE WILL BE ANOTHER TIME
31 days at sea from Punta Arenas to Capetown via Bouvet but all now safely home.

0930 UTC 3Y0Z - Bouvet Island DXpedition 2018
Our captain has decided that it is in the best interest of safety and expediency to proceed directly to Capetown, South Africa rather than Punta Arenas, Chile. We are currently heading north to avoid the possibility of encountering ice. Currently there is no ice in sight or on radar. In due time we will head easterly toward Capetown.
Our entire team is safe. Most are resting in their bunks and in good spirits. We will keep the amateur radio community and our families informed as we continue our journey.

19th A couple of happy hours on 2m EME today: 17 QSOs for 16 initials and a new DXCC:-) UT9UR, SM5KWU, DF7AP, DF9UX, UA4LCF, DL5OCD, EA5DF, SM5CUI, EA5CJ, EA4CYQ, F6EGD, AA4FF, DL8FBD, F6GRB, R3PA, and PJ2T Curacao DXCC # 54 ON 2m
20th Only QRV for a short time at moonrise on 2m EME today: ES100F, DL8II, M6T, DL9LBH, OH2LHE, OK1IL, S55OO.
21st Quite a day on 2M EME: 32 QSOs for 26 initials and 3 new DXCCs:-) JP3EXR, VK3AXH, RX9AT, YL2GC, PA5MS, GI6ATZ (NEW EME DXCC!), JH7OPT, RX8RX, JH3AZC, PA3CMC, S57M, DK5OX, K5DOG, DK4RC, OH4LA, SM5TSP, GM6JNJ (NEW EME DXCC!), DL1VPL, PY2GN came back to my CQ:-) (NEW EME DXCC!), KC3OL, AH6LE, W0XG, EA1YV, DL6BF, N4HB, PA4VHF, W2DBL, N0AKC, NH6Y, N5TM, KF8MY, K8DIO
22nd Another few hours with the focus on 144MHz EME: 21 QSOs for 15 initials and 3 new EME DXCCs:-) DL4DWA, F6DHI, OE5KT (EME DXCC), DK3XT, GM4VVX, SM2IZO, S56P, ZS1LS, DL8SCQ, OK1TEH, VA3DIF, GW4BVE (EME DXCC), XE2AT (DXCC), WW2DX, K1SCE.
23rd 144MHz MS only: 15 QSOs for 15 initials - IW4AED, ON4AOI, IK2DDR, IK0IXO, IK2OFO, SP1JNY, N5LJC, VE1KG, I2RV, SP8NR, NJ2R, K7MAC, N1RWY, IK1FJJ, KC0V.
24th  144MHz Moonset only: 7 QSOs for 7 initials and 1 new DXCC:-) ON4KHG, EB5EEO, OE3FVU, IK0SMG, UA4AQL, HG60KCI, W7GJ, TD9FYC
25th  144MHz Moonrise: 13 QSOs for 10 initials and 2 new DXCCs:-) RX1AS, SM6NOC, IK7EZN, BX4AP, DG0WA, F4DJK, F6BEG, PA3DOL, SV6KRW, 4Z5CP, VE1KG, LA6TPA, DL5YA
26th 144MHz Moonrise: for 1 hour only 3 QSOs for 2 initials - JF3MKC, JH4ADK (50w), I2SVA
27th 144MHz EME 17 QSOs for 13 initials and 1 new DXCC:-) - LZ4OC, OE3NFC, DL5OCD, RA6AUK, S56P, YO3DMU, YC2MDU, DJ9MG. Moon at 55deg elev: WA1EAZ, DL3HWA, YL3HA, N8AM, G4URT, W8PAT, UA3TCF, RK3FG, G4EZP.
28th 50-60mph gales and snow - antennas locked down - just a few nice FT8 QSOs incl PA2MDL

In EA8 for the last time as we have now sold our villa in IL39:-(
and 2 new DXCCs  CR2EME LU8ENU
27th 5 144MHz EME initial contacts R7IV SM2A OH2BNH IK6CAK F5DYD
28th 4 144MHz EME initial contacts ES6RQ RA6C RW9ST DG5CST
29th 2 144MHz EME initial contacts UA0ZGX LZ5GM 

12th Gave some points away in the 50Mhz NAC / UKAC - 12 countries 10 ssb, 2 data
13th New 2m EME Inits OH2BC, F6APE, AB4GS. (Total 144MHz EME Initials now stand at 246 and 62DXCC since #1 on 17/9/2016)
14th Spent an early morning hour on 2m FT8 17QSOs 10 countries! Really a shame that all the activity is on FT8 - there are MUCH better modes:0(
20th 3 new 144MHz initials including PJ6E on first call:-)
21st 4 new 144MHz initials
22nd Lots of FT8 144MHz QSOs in 1st MGM contest;-). 50MHz EME ZS6NK from his farm in KG47. 144Hz EME Z66EME Kosovo for new DXCC:-) "Almost" with HS0AC on 144 EME;-) -total 7 new 144MHz EME initials.
23rd 5 new 144MHz EME initials.
27th What a difference a day makes. Two new countries on 144MHz moonbounce at my moonrise - 3B8MB Mauritius and 7P8Z Lesotho:-)

6th  C8T in the log on 144MHz EME for DXCC #67:-)
10th The start of the multihop Es season. Heard UN, EX, EY, AP, A9 ,A7 on FT8. VU reported into France. JA tomorrow?
11th 7X, S01, OD, A4, A7, A9, 9K, UN6, EX, EY and AP plus weak NA here !! Also JAs into S EU – need that path to move nearer the pole – 2-3 days is my guess.
12th WP4G in the log on 144MHz EME for DXCC #68:-) First NA opening of the season from around 12:30z WU1ITU, VE1SKY, KO1DX, WOFK and K0TPP worked all on FT8
13th Evening multi hop Es on 6m : PV8DX and D41CV (5w remote station!)









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