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QO-100 Satellite

Now for something completely different 13cm/3cm Satellite!

A21EME announced that they would be on QO-100 and so on a wet Sunday afternoon in October 2019, having already worked them on 2m and 6m, I decided to have a go at a junk-box QO-100 setup in the workshop: SG labs 13cm transverter, wi-fi 5w PA, 31el long yagi on TX. 80cm sat dish, unmodified LNB and RTL dongle on RX. Result - A21EME in the log.

Im a Life Member of AMSAT NA but have not been active since the early 1980s (as H44PT on AO-10) so this is really fun.

March 2020 - my updated QO-100 setup is now operational:
IC-9700 TX on 432MHz into SG Labs 13cm transverter and SG Labs 20w PA feeding 1.2m offset dish via home brew patch feed (POTY).
IC-9700 RX on 144MHz from modified LNB with DX Patrol down converter and GPSDO locked.
With the IC-9700 in satellite mode this gives me full duplex transceive.
Can also RX with SDR Console or the Goonhilly websdr on my workshop PC (all options covered!:-)

I have adjusted my TX power to make my SSB signal about 2-3dB weaker than the beacon but at this level I sometimes trigger the LEILA alarm if I use CW. I only need about 3w at the dish so I run the system well backed off so much so that I need to add another attenuator as the IC-9700 is already on minimum output.

Results below updated when I remember!   Last updated: 24/02/2021;-)

since 2/10/2014:
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