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G8BCG 50MHz from IO70RK near Polperro Cornwall  
(I don't sign /P anymore as I've now registered this as my QTH)

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2020 station status update



Moving on up - 144MHz and beyond (current station Feb 2018)

After good results over the past year or so with a single 12el LFA it's now time for a serious go on 144MHz EME (prompted by the chance of Bouvet Island which sadly was not to be).

I have built a batch of 5 LFAs (+ the one I already had) and the plan is for 4H and 2V with full az/el. So far I have just errected the 4 x 12 H array - it works like a dream!  Though the booms are strong enough to be self-supporting, mechanical resonance was a problem - but Mastrant stays were an easy fix.

Now all I have to do  is the same for 432MHz and find space for my 1296MHz yagis.

Of course 50Mhz and my 4 x 8el Op-Des array on 50MHz is still at the centre of my operations:-)

Back on the air

Step 1 - my DXpedition 6M8GJ pressed into service - worth the effort as I got 3 new countries PJ7/W9DR, YI1SAL and AP2AM :-)

Step 2 - the rebuild - just in time for VK9X and VK9C :-)

A Slight Problem in early June 2017

A freak gust of wind from the South shattered one of the guy anchors and my 30m HD trailer tower "capsized":-(  It fell into the 20m trailer tower with my 4m antenna on it. The 30m tower came to rest across the 20m trailer but the 4 x 8el 50Mhz array sheared off and remained suspended, entangled in the 4m antenna. Not an easy job to sort this lot out.

Amazingly, apart from the az/el head unit neither tower was badly damaged and the booms of the Op-Des yagis were all intact with only a few elements needing replacement! (The 4m LFA faired less well!)

4 x 8el Op-Des (from March 2016)

I acquired another heavy duty 33m tower on Ebay. I then upgraded to 4 x 8el OP-DES yagis from InnovAntennas G0KSC. I completed the array tuning on 22/3/16:  R=50 X=0 @50.200 First test: Big EME echoes and first 2 terrestrial QSOs EI7BMB and EI3KD. LOS tests to GB3MCB are showing around 8dB over a single 7LFA AND the pattern is very clean.

I also now have a secure container shack with permanent 3G and wi-fi links for the security and webcams. Next step full remote working;-)

4 x 7LFA array 2011-2015

My station location is only 500m from home - just at the top of one of our fields @ 162m asl. Though it is not a truly fantastic VHF site it is electrically VERY quiet.

Back in 2010 I tested an early version of Justin G0KSCs Loop Fed Array antennas - and I was very impressed - click for details.  See G0KSC or Innovantennas.com

4 * G0KSC 7LFAs in a 6m square with full Az/EL. on a tower that will go to 30m if I have the nerve;-)

They seem to work rather well at only 12m and on a line of site path show just over 6dB improvement on my existing 6M7JHV which is at 20m!

Obviously nothing is left on site except the antenna and solar / wireless security camera* - my shack is installed in my truck.
* got some interesting mug shots of random visitors:-)

More photos and details here: (G8BCG 4 x 7LFA detail)

G8BCG 4 x G0KSC 7LFA image and AZ Plot >>>>>>
(right click on image to stop slide show)

G8BCG 50MHz eme and weak signal antenna system 2009

My 2010 Station

My station location is only 500m from home - just at the top of one of our fields @ 162m asl. Though it is not a fantastic VHF site it is electrically VERY quiet and easily accessible.

My current setup, shown here is a 6M7JHV @ about 18m (tower at about 2/3 up). 30 yr old Kenpro rotator from my H44PT days and a mast head pre-amp.

This is what I recently worked E51SIX and ZL3NW on - the land slopes gently away in all directions - and the antenna seems to have a very good lobe around 2deg:-)

In the truck are a 756proIII, + GS35 1100W out + Laptop + wireless internet. My licence is for 32dBW (1600w at the antenna) for weak signal work but I don't have a "mobile" PA that will do that (yet!).

Behind the truck 15kVA diesel generator trailer with spare 10m tower attached and the Caravan is for contest use:-)

Further Developments
I now have a PST61 rotator + sat TV screw Jack and controllers and hope to finally have 4* 7ele with az/el sometime this year;-)



CX DX to the West - can't you just feel the Es?A Bit of Site History: 1998-2008


The early Days - Circa 1998

CQ South America

400w on 50MHz + 433 talk back, 144 DX cluster and GSM-Internet

G8BCG/P 5ele yagi @ 6mSite access is sometimes a problem!System Improvements 2001

When I made it past the 100 countries worked on 6m, things got a little harder! 

With 350w from an IC756pro plus TE Systems Amp the limiting factor was the 3ele yagi at only 4m high. But the 3ele and glass fibre mast was the optimum for quick erection in the limited space at the side of the road. Fortunately, I've now been given access to a field about 100m north of my old parking spot. The site is slightly better than my roadside location and has enabled me to make permanent provision for guys and mast tilt base so that I can now get a 5ele MSquared yagi 6m into the air within a couple of minutes in any weather. Now the limiting factor is the drive to the top of the field in my 4WD - no problems so far *.

* well, just one - see below.

This is a good day - one night in February 2002 I got really stuck - sunk to axles with all 4 wheels turning - embarrasing tractor rescue the next day!System Improvements 2002

Now at over 150 countries worked and with a failing solar cycle it's getting really hard to find new countries. So, my plan is to go for a pair of M2 6M7JHV 30' long yagis.

This is going to be tricky, bearing in mind that it has all to be raised and lowered by one person! Currently I've just got a single 6M7JHV @ 8m. That's all I can reliably lift until I get some clever Gyn Pole and winch bits and pieces sorted.

G8BCG/P 6M7JHV @ 8m G8BCG/P 6M7JHV @ 8m

G8BCG/P 6M7JHV @ 8m


Secret Weapons (2005)

I regard the site as my main secret weapon - VERY quiet. I liked it so much I bought the field - and the house that came with it further down the hill. Second is my mast head pre-amp  - it works! Then there is the 3-500z - only used for special occasions, this combined with a trailer mounted generator enables me to develop 400w at the antenna - every dB helps.

IC756proII, Sony Vaio, GSM phone, IC706IIg, Kenwood TMD for packet & 70cm talkback, TE Sys 350w PA and sequencer, 2* Bird Thrulines etc...! The secret weapon - 3-500zg for video and pile-up busting!

Dec 2007 - Temp QRT - My 6M7JHV after the gales of 1-2 Dec

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