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Sorry, this part of my site is somewhat out of date and deserves a major update.

Hopefully that will be sometime soon:-)

I make a lot of use of WSJT ham radio software for MoonBounce and other DXing, so this guy is my hero:

Nobel Laureate Joseph Hooton Taylor Jr. K1JT

Six Metre (50MHz) Sites:

Other Sites:

WhatsMyLocator (and WAB Square) - Need to find out a Maidenhead Locator quickly before going and operating somewhere. Try WhatsMyLocator. All you need to provide is your postcode and you'll have your locator and WAB instantly.
Lattitude/Longitude to Maidenhead - Golbal Lat. / Long. <> Locator calculator
Radio Society of Great Britain - start here if you want to know more about Amateur Radio
Weekly RSGB GB2RS News Podcast - Weekly Amateur Radio News from the RSGB
American Radio Relay League  - the national society in the USA
Buckmaster   Callsign Server Callsign Server
100 Years of Radio  - Celebrating Marconi on postage stamps - see and order First Day Covers
AMSAT   - Amateur Radio Satellite Corporation
Goonhilly Earth Station nice promo video
BATC sponsored QO-100 Web SDR @ Goonhilly - listen to the QO-100 geostationary satellite
Porthcurno Cable / Telegraph Museum nice promo video
Morse Resource generate mps morse
 DG7YBN / Coax and Power Splitter Online Calculator
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