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My towers are down for maintenance but some interesting winter Es around on 6m I
Radio activity is limited to what I can do from the workshop down in the valley LF / HF + QO-100.
I have not been able to take full advantage of the amazing 50MHz SpE over the past few days but did catch the end of the trans-Atlantic opening on Friday evening (15th Jan). Only 3 FT8 QSOs but not bad for a tri-band white stick at 3m and a barefoot IC-7300.
As for QO-100 I have been following the amazing work from Felix DL5XL and Theressa DC1TH as DP0POL/MM aboard icebreaker Polarstern heading for the German Antarctic base. On the deck of an Icebreaker running cw / ssb pileup on 3cm whilst manually pointing dish as ship moves - who said repeaters were boring -SR2O (single radio 2 operators).
Sat 16th just worked DP0POL/MM in IC45 for what is probably the last /mm operation before they arrive at base. Completing a string of new wet grids for me: HK98 HK82 HJ99 HJ98 HJ95 HJ94 HJ93 HI94 HI91 HI90 HH99 IH09 IH05 IG08 IG04 IG10 IF19 IF10 IE26 IE25 IC47 IC46 IC45 (and I only took notice once they got south of EA8 ) Click on the image to see map  produced using LogAnalyzer3.2 from DL4MFM. Missed them in ID field:-(

7th - downloaded the new WSJT-X rc and trialled Q65 - seems to work well even with Doppler and ms pings in the way:-)
27th - 4 x 8 OP-DES array back in the air and tested on MR 3JA QSOs (1 JT65A and my first 2 Q65A)
28th - 6 x 12LFA for 144MHz back in the air (not tested yet). 1 OH and 2 VK 50Mhz EME QSOs

23rd A few nice test QSOs on 50MHz EME new mode Q65A culminating in a "pile-up" demonstration QSO with Lance W7GJ as part of his Zoom presentation to Cherryland Amateur Radio Club in Traverse City, Northern Michigan.

18th - Finally some Es down in to equitorial Africa AND some TEP to S America:-)
21st A day of global TEP!! Usual NA/SA plus trans pacific and trans Atlantic with VP8 worked in EI :-)
22nd quiet day - not much TEP - I came home then.... LU5FF wkd DK1MAX 1937z

May - as the Es season kicks in I will not be reporting fully here - just highlights
3rd First decent trans-Atlantic opening of the season coincided with 60mph + gales so all antennas down;-)
5th First JAs into Med on 50Mhz
6th First JA spots for DL and OH
7th The season is up! Spots from ZF to HZ:-)
11th - 15th - a few days away is always a sure fire way to kick start the season. Working QRP remote to an omni but still worked plenty:-)
18th - 20th - away again so the best openings simultaneous Mid-east, EU Africa, S America, Carib and N America!!
23rd another day of 60mph winds but good fun on my BigWheel. WX calmed in the evening so big array time - 13 DXCCs to the west from PY to VP9:-) Lifted my annual country cound to 84. Some big signals on SSB also incl Chris 9Y4D
31st The season begins to build but still no JA this far west. A couple of XW1 decodes yesterday and VU. Afternoon was better with good opening to W0 / W9 with spots down to XE 29 NA in the log. TZ4AM in on CW in the evening both direct and scatter wehilst he was working NA

June - I will not be reporting fully for June - too much info! - just highlights
1st & 2nd 2 good days - band wide open with multi-hop Es from EU mornings to Asia and VK plus evenings to NA, Carib and out to HC and HK. In IO70 it was very hard work with huge QSB single shot decodes and not many QSOs. G stations further east faired better in both directions.
3rd Great conditions but hard going with deep QSB. New countries for 2021 were 9M2TO, VU2BGS, XE2X, ZF1EJ, HK3O and P43A plus S01WS on SSB Taking my count for 2021 so far to 108. Many others worked and nice to see the band full of some big SSB and CW signals. Band still open to Caribbean at 1am when my eyes closed:-)
4th Not much to East but open to NA and Carib virtually all day but nothing new - quit early at 21:00z. USA had some amazing multi hop to Middle East.
5th Open to VO1 from 0800z ;-) Nice to be called by HP1AVS in Panama at 21:20:-) Still open when I closed at 22:30z
6th - 7th I was away -m band was open:-)









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