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EME JT65 Screen Grabs Guest Book (please!)

GJ8BCG/P - 12th - 19th May 2005

New to all this? What is WSJT? click here.

EME requires big antennas and high power - WRONG!

The prime reason for my trip to Jersey (IOTA EU-013) was to work Lance W7GJ (he begged me!) and then to work as many other 6m eme stations as possible.

My plan was to "keep it simple" - so I took virtually my whole standard 50MHz portable setup - including the truck.

Click any image for a larger version.....

GJ8BCG/P 6M7JHV - how could it work?GJ8BCG/P - view looking WestGJ8BCG/P  - the white stick to the left of the roof is a GSM mobile pico cellular site!

With a 6M7JHV 32' long yagi fixed on the horizon I could only work eme when the moon was less than about 15deg elevation so time is at a premium. However, I was able to complete the following Initial Contacts:

12/05/2005 23:26 W7GJ DN27VA
13/05/2005 23:55 K6MYC DM07
15/05/2005 00:45 K7BV/1 FN31
15/05/2005 11:20 JH2COZ PM94NW
17/05/2005 13:10 ZS6NK KG46RC
18/05/2005 01:35 K5GW

I also worked K6MYC using the call-sign GJ60LIB
- celebrating 60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Jersey in WWII

I've included some JT65 screen grabs here.


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